Friday, November 20, 2009


The weigh in is tonight. 134.9 is the cut off and this morning I am at 135.2 with my clothes on. I plan to dehydrate all day. Hopefully that gets me the extra few ounces I need to get below the cut off! I'm already happy because I haven't weighed in this small since before I got married. Body by Jiu-jitsu, people! ;)

I am trying not to be nervous. I have my game plan in mind. It's not fancy, but I feel like it is something realistic that I can pull off against an opponent of my size and skill level. Pull guard (or take down if the girl seems crappy and I think I can pull it off). Once in guard, work either and armbar, a triangle, a gi choke or an omaplata. If I see a sweep, take it and move into side control or mount. Work submissions from there. Pretty basic.

Hopefully at NAGA there will be enough girls that I can actually fight in my weight class and skill division. At De la Riva, not only was I outweighed, but everyone there had 5 months or more experience on me. I'm hoping that this time I will actually get to fight girls who are my size (or at least within 20 lbs of it!) and around my same skill level.

Also, my husband is coming with us. It will be the first time he has seen me grapple. I am kind of nervous. I don't want to suck in front of him. ;) I am trying to keep my mind disciplined. I want to approach each math like a regular grapple; try not to think about who is watching or what they think of me. The people at my school aren't going to disown me if I lose. And I don't have enough room in my thoughts to be worried about what people are thinking while I am trying to work positions. I need to just focus on what I'm doing and not worry about trying to impress people.

Easier said than done. We'll see what happens.


Dev said...

Good luck!

Play YOUR game, not hers.

Stay calm. Breathe.

It doesn't matter if she's more experienced than you. It matters if you can defend against what she's got. And you can - If she was that amazing, she'd be a blue belt.

Play to WIN, not to survive. You proved in your last tournament that you can survive (and do pretty well, actually). Now win the damn thing.

Good luck again!

Georgette said...

Two things:

At least here, NAGA scales are light, and they write down your weight 1-1.5lbs light. Don't ask me why, maybe they think girls will cry or something-- but I do believe NAGA brings the same refs and admin people all over the country, so I think you'll be okay. But I also totally dehydrated on the way to weighins so I feel you!

Second-- Yes, play like it's any normal match, but don't be surprised that the adrenaline dump kicks you in the head. AND-- don't be polite. (Don't be a dick and pull on peoples' fingers, noses etc.-- but go into it knowing this ISN'T your training partner, this is your OPPONENT.)

When I went to my second tournament, the primary thing that changed for me was attitude-- it went from "I'm going to have fun and not stress!" to "I'm going to get my chokes if I have to break their effing JAW to do it." And that shift was what it took.

Break a leg-- theirs! and post pictures and video!

John said...

When I compete I like to go alone so that there is no nervous consideration made for family. Then when I feel more confident I let them come. My nerves are bad enough without the extra pressure.

Dev said...

How was NAGA????

A.D. McClish said...

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the encouragement and advice!! NAGA was awesome. I am going to post what happened along with the videos after class tonight.