Monday, December 7, 2009

Grappling With No Hands

Tonight was another first for me. We practiced some take downs for the first part of class and then we grappled for the remainder with a twist. First, we grappled with one arm tied into our belts. Then we switched partners and the other person had to grapple one-armed. After that, we had to grapple with not hands, putting both wrists into our belt.

It was actually really fun. Difficult, but fun. It forced me to use my head and my body weight. And it forced me to move with my hips instead of pushing myself around with my arms. I was surprised that I could still control someone in my guard without using my hands, although I could not submit them. I did try to go for a triangle and I closed it, but I couldn't finish it. Really fun, really helpful class!!


slideyfoot said...

Kev did a class like that a little while ago, although it was specifically open guard. Most knackered I've been for a long time!

MMAsubb(Andrew) said...

I love drilling 1 hand/no hand Allie, its actually one of the few drills I've been lucky enough to have been taught to me and practiced since my first class at my academy. I believe all drills have their purpose, but I personally find this drill incredibly valuable! It helps you increase your utilization of legs in sweeps, increases not only speed but power of hip/core/shrimp movements, it forces you to utilize every nook and cranny of your feet/shin/knees/thighs and your opponents hips/thighs/groin. The first time I realized how valuable this drill could be was all within the same week, and involved full sparring someone who trained where this drill was never done. 1, I watched him become visibly frustrated attempting to pass my guard, and 2 my hips had become much faster!

Keep up the good training!

A.D. McClish said...

Thank guys! Yeah, I was amazed at how much this drill forced me to use parts of my body that I neglect when I have the use of my hands--like my shoulders and neck. When I moved into mount or side control, I was forced to pin people with my upper body and head, something I normally don't do well enough, because I am relying on my arms. And, Andrew, I completely see what you're saying about it increasing the mobility of your hips. You HAVE to move or else you're done. Really fun drill!