Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slow Week

I was sick this week with an upper respiratory infection and...dun, dun, eye. Which means I had to be quarantined from the outside world. Sometimes, it really feels like God has a sense of humor because my elbow had been giving me trouble and I knew it needed rest but was unwilling to take time off to let it heal. Well, God made the time for me, apparently!! ;) Now, coming off almost a full week of rest, I feel much better both sickness wise and with my elbow.

Last night I went to class and drilled technique only and sat out during grappling. We learned a take down that I absolutely love. This is the first time that I've learned a take-down and have actually been excited to use it in a real grappling situation. Not surprisingly, it is a take-down where you almost go to half-guard and sweep. It's really difficult to explain. Or maybe the problem is I fail at explaining moves. But the basic idea is you kind of slide between the persons' legs--trying to get deep--and got to an almost half-guard sweep position. You arc your arm in a cartwheel motion to buckle one leg and use your other legs to buckle the other leg and then you roll them over.

Horrible explanation. I apologize. But, when in motion, it was really fun and I think it will be relatively easy once I practice it. Most importantly, I don't feel like my knees are in jeopardy doing this position and I feel confident doing it. Also, there's another one that I have been trying where you pull the person down and roll them over your head and land in mount. Again, abysmal description. It's riskier than the other one but unexpected. And I like it as well because, as with the other one, my knees are out of harms way.

I'm still practicing other take-downs as well because I want to be able to do to the ones that I am not comfortable with. You never know what situation you will encounter when you step on the mat. But I'm happy that I at least have two take-downs that I feel relatively confident with. Woohoo!! No more jumping guard! I suck a little bit less! ;)

On a gloomier note, one of my teammates popped his ankle last night during a grapple. This is why I am so scared of leg submissions. I know I am too cautious, but I rarely try to escape leg locks. Once someone has my ankle, I tap. With my knees being bad, I don't mess around. My friend said he didn't even feel pain until the last second and the POP! He said this morning that he thinks its a minor pop and that he'll be back in training by Saturday. Hope he heals up quickly!!


BJJ Cailín said...

I know exactly what you mean about God having a sense of humor. :) That always happens to me when I'm injured and don't want to take time off, I get sick too. Lol!

A.D. McClish said...

Yeah, next time maybe I'll listen BEFORE my I'm coughing my lungs out. ;)

Meerkatsu said...

I think you are being utterly sensible about tapping once someone has yoru ankle. I have seen several popped ankles and myself have been on the receiving end of a nasty leg lock so there's no point chancing it.
However, I'm still figuring out how not to get caught in the leg lock in the first place - which seems to be an annoying side effect of playing lots of feet on hip type positions.

A.D. McClish said...

Meerkatsu, if you figure out a way to keep you legs our of danger, please pass it along! ;) I love to play with open guard and half guard and it tends to land me into leg lock trouble a lot. There are some people that I have to alter my game completely when I grapple because I know they're going to go for legs.

leslie said...

I'm with Seymour. Right now, I'm trying to not leave my feet hanging out.

We hardly play with ankle/leg locks at all. (Our coach really doesn't like them.) We also play a lot of hook- and feet-on-hip-dependent guards. In my last tournament, girls kept catching my ankles because I was leaving them out for ankle locks but didn't realize that I was.

I've since asked 2 blue belts who like working ankle/leg locks to catch them on me, and I tap as soon as they do. I've worked a little bit on the defense, too, but am really focusing on finding where I'm leaving myself open.

A.D. McClish said...

Leslie, I am in the same boat. The only thing I've learned so far is to come up on top of them when they start to go back or to start to roll out immediately. Or tap. I mostly tap. lol