Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Really Sad

Tonight we found out that one of our BJJ schools is closing. It's not completely final. One of our instructors, Ben, might be able to stay on and continue teaching the class. But, as it is right now, it looks like the school is going to close.

I'm really sad. I cried like an emotional mess at class.

I will still get to go to Fabio's, but I am REALLY going to miss Ben and Mario's class for a number of reasons. Ben and Mario are both great teachers and I'm really going to miss learning under them. I don't even really want to go into it all the reasons why I'm so sad right now because I'm tired. This week has been sort of bad for me already, so this was kind of the crappy icing on the already crappy cake. lol Sorry for the overly emotional post.


NinjaEditor said...

Sorry to hear that. What a bummer.

Georgette said...

There's no such thing as overly emotional. This is YOUR blog and I think you should share whatever you feel like! And I'm so sorry to hear they're closing....

:) *hugs*

Stephanie said...


The Part Time Grappler said...

Echo what Geogette said. You always write from the heart so no reason to stop now.

We went thru the same thing not even 2 weeks ago. Last Monday was the first session at the new gym and emotions are till all over the scales!

I really hope things will turn out well. I respect how you feel but I'm sure you know of lots of bad luck that turned out to be fortunate opportunities in disguise.

Keep us updated Allie.

Dev said...

Agree with all. That sucks. And you write what you want to write. We're all still here reading. Everything happens for a reason.

A.D. McClish said...

Thanks, guys!! I'm still hoping it will work out in some way. If not, I will still be blessed with the top-notch training at Fabio's. I'm just really going to miss Mario, who is not going to be training at all anymore, and that I wont be able to train under Ben anymore.

I really identify with Ben's style. It' one of those things where he shows me a move and I think, "Oh, that makes complete sense." Fabio, who is actually more technical and knowledgeable (he's the black belt who founded our school) and when he moves, it's soooo smooth. But that almost makes it harder for me to see what he's doing! lol And he does so many things that I have no idea what they are or how he got to them that I walk away from the grapple thinking, "What just happened?" lol

leslie said...

Sorry to hear that :(

Even though Fabio is the head instructor, you can still roll with Ben and ask him for help and advice. You don't have to ignore him :P

A.D. McClish said...

Absolutely! And Fabio is a great instructor too. I'm just whining because I liked things the way they were. Give my rattle and put me in my crib so I can have a tantrum. lol

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