Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Man, it feels good to get back out on the mat. I was having some serious BJJ withdraws! Like a newb, I was a little worried that I'd feel rusty when I came back (yeah I know I was only out for a week, but this is how my over-analytical brain works). But today was a great class and I felt good rolling. At least, I felt good as far as my movement went. My cardio was another matter entirely.

Chalk it up to me still not being 100% or to me having done nothing for a week besides lay around, but after my second grapple, when I stood up, I felt light headed and really winded. I went into the office, drank some water, sat out for one grapple. I had one more grapple after that, in which I felt ok, but I was pretty exhausted at the end of class.

We worked a back-mount/choke escape today that I love and I noticed a few details that I was missing before. When someone reaches around and grabs your lapel, hook their arm above the elbow with your elbow. That way, when they pull to finish the choke, they are pulling your body with them. Lots of other little details I noticed too, but that was the main one.

Also, I'm really excited! Erica, who is the girlfriend of one of the guys that trains at Fabio's, decided to start training. You know how, sometimes, you can tell when someone is going to be really into BJJ? She's one of those people. Yay!! And she's naturally a good mover as well. If she sticks with it, I think she'll get good pretty quickly. She's really nice and I think will be a great training partner if she ends up really liking it. Hopefully she does!

There's another girl, Tamala, who has been coming to BJJ for a while but has recently gotten really into it as well. I am so excited!! All these awesome girls getting addicted like me! Now that she's getting really into it, I'll bet she'll be growing a lot as well.

Steph and I have a mission to get every wife and girlfriend of the guys in BJJ on the mat!! lol Not really. I mean, we know that BJJ isn't for everyone. But, girls, if you show any interest at all, we will try to finagle a way to get you out on the mat!! :)

Anyway, that's enough gushing for one post. So glad to be feeling better and to be rolling again!!


Georgette said...

Welcome back. I totally know what you mean about trying to get all the girls everywhere into the jits.

:) Yay!

Meerkatsu said...

Well done on the comeback after illness. I took me sooooo long to get a mediocre amount of cardio back after my swine flu in Jan.
good luck with the new girls. The more that train, then the more others will come. Imagine outnumbering the boys one day?!!

A.D. McClish said...

@ Georgette: Thanks!! I'm really encouraged by the amount of girls lately that have come and now seem to be really into it. Hopefully they keep coming back!

@ Meerkatsu: Yes! That would be so funny! I'm gunna start recruiting at all the Twilight movie premiers. lol

Jiujitsunista said...

Oh for the love, Allie! Do NOT recruit from the Twilight movie premiers! LOL They would all assume Ben is a vampire due to skin tone alone. =)