Monday, August 16, 2010

Back Mount Escape

We worked an escape from when someone is choking you from the back. Not sure what the choke is called. One hand is over the shoulder, grabbing the opposite lapel. One choke is under the arm, grabbing the other lapel.

To defend, you first hook the choking arm with your elbow, behind their elbow, tuck your chin into the crook of their elbow and scoot down. Bridge back. Use your other hand to cup the same-side hook on your leg, then straighten your own leg, pushing the hook off. Immediately bring your hips up on the person's dislodged leg and hip out, turning into them. You're out of the choke by then, but, as you turn into them, you need to bring the arm that you were blocking their elbow with in to your hip so that, as you turn, it will be free. From there, you can establish side control.

Rolling was...vexing. Having trouble adapting to some of the guys I'm rolling with. I'm falling into my old habit of trying to combat strength with strength. A poor decision when you are smaller than 90% of the people you grapple. The main problem is when they are passing my guard. I am trying to keep them from passing by using strength. Doesn't work. When I relax and try to move, I feel like they pass faster.

Tomorrow, I am going to force myself to move more and not care about where I land. I am going to try things that I haven't tried yet because I was afraid of getting passed. I am getting passed anyway, so who cares?

I'll report in on how it goes.