Monday, January 31, 2011

Devil's in the Details

The gi choke from guard was one of the first submissions I learned when I started BJJ, but it amazes me that there are still small details that I have missed up to this point. And, probably, in a another year's time I will notice even more.

I find that I really enjoy when Fabio goes over basic techniques sometimes because I always pick something up that gives me a better chance of actually finishing the technique in a live grapple.

Tonight, some of the details Fabio hit on were:

- using my top arm--the arm that grabs for the lapel first--to get in deep in their gi and break down their posture, turning their face to the side before I even get in my second arm.

- using my legs to bring the guy in, further breaking down his posture.

- getting my second arm in deeper by angling my torso to the opposite side a little bit, so I can reach my hand in deeper.

- Turning my wrists out so they press into the carotid arteries more.

- Bringing in my elbows as I go to finish AND bringing my head in close to their shoulder, closing all the space.

I think one reason why I sometimes don't finish gi chokes is because I rush to do them instead of working to get my hands in deep enough. If I am too shallow in my lapel grabs, then it becomes a matter of strength--me trying to pull the gi to block the arteries. When I do it right, there is no strength involved. My wrists are blocking he arteries even before I turn them out. And as soon as I turn them out, the person is tapping.

Because the gi choke is so common, I don't usually go directly for it. I get one hand in, then try to do something else and go for the choke if the opening comes. But I think that that quick switch is what ends up getting me. I am rushing to try to sneak my other hand in and am not getting it in deep enough. It's something to work on. :)

I am noticing that I am having problems finishing triangles again, both from guard and from mount. Ugh. I think I know what I am doing wrong. I keep forgetting to lift my hips up. I'm squeezing my knees, pulling their head down, their arm is in the right place. But I forget to hip up into them. Going to work on that too.

Details, details, details...


Aparna said...

Oh my gosh...I have the same problem with triangles. They used to be my bread and butter, and now I don't know what happened but I can't finish them any more! Talk about frustrating.

slideyfoot said...

Yeah, I keep thinking I should be working chokes more, as I'm small. Have you tried the arm-wrap/overhook choke at all? That's one of my current projects (I've been trying it for a long time, but only got a chance to do some focused drilling recently), especially as I've hurt my leg so want to drill stuff that is mainly arms. ;)

Afrorican said...

I used to work chokes all the time then I lost my way to arm bars. I've recently returned to chokes after Ryron Gracie told me that if I am not getting arm bars its because I am not attacking with chokes enough.
p.s. - overhook choke is sick