Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steroid Testing

I saw this video on Facebook today:

While I do think it might be inappropriate to call somebody out like that, I think Caio has a valid point. Most major sports test for performance enhancing drugs. What do you think? Should bjj athletes be tested for steroids after major competitions?


BJJ Judo said...

I dont think he did anything inappropriate and I am all for testing the winners of the divisions unfortunantly testing that many people is not practical. I more practical solution would be testing the winners of the Black Belt divisions and perhaps a few random folks in lower ranks.

JayB said...

Honestly, until BJJ has more on the line (i.e. not just medals, small prize money and relatively small sponsorships) then there is really not a vested interest in making sure it is clean. It doesn't make fiscal sense. Sad, but money talks...even in the martial arts.

A.D. McClish said...

You have a good point, Jay. Not enough funding to pay for fullscale testing. But I like what Eric said about testing the black belts and randomly testing other competitors.

BJJ Judo said...

I disagree with there not being a lot of money on the line. You need to view it from the competitors standpoint. The winner of the Men's Absolute Black Belt division at the Worlds can partically write their own ticket. They can charge significantly more for seminars, private lessons, DVDs, books, mebership ect. Consider the price for a private with Roger, why is it so high (assuming it is high)? Because he is considered the best, why is he considered the best, because he won so many Worlds titles. I think there is a lot more in it for the winner then people realize, but it does pale in comparision to the money in say major league baseball. It is the non-using Black Belt competitors that should be making a stink and insisting on the testing.

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