Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I went to a different sort of seminar this weekend. Cristiane Barobosa-Timoteo and Giulio Timoteo came to Fabio's to teach us about training to prevent injuries and to recover from them as well. Before I get into the seminar, here are a couple of videos about what Physiotraining is about:

Cris spent most of the seminar focusing on how to rehab and strengthen shoulders and the lower back. I have had problems with my shoulder and I can tell you that already, only a few days after starting rehabbing it with the exercises she taught us, I can see that it is going to really help me.

One of the things she brought up that I haven't paid much attention to is the importance of having a strong core. My strength needs to come from my core, just from the muscles in my arms or legs. This is especially true for bjj, which is a sport that involves the whole body at once. She said a lot of injuries are the result of people straining themselves because they lack core strength.

At the seminar, she showed us exercises for strengthening our core and I have to admit I was sore after doing them!

She is going to come back--I hope!--and do another seminar focusing on other common areas where bjj practitioners suffer injuries. I hope she does one on the knees. Anyway, if you are in Florida and live near Miami, check them out. Giulio, Cris's husband, is also a black belt in BJJ and has a school there as well. Great people. Really enjoyed learning from them.


Afrorican said...

This is great training. Good to hear that you can already see that it will benefit your training as supplemental training. Many macho guys can't get past their ego and do training where they don't look like they are pushing some ungodly amount of weight. I actually have a full time triainer from Athletes Performance at my job and I too have seen immediate returns from my investment.