Thursday, July 7, 2011

Second Women's Self Defense/BJJ Class

Tonight was so fun! I am really exhausted, but I wanted to share this picture of us girls after class. We worked on break falls, on what to do when someone grabs you from behind and on hipping out from under mount. The new girls are picking things up really fast and they seem to be having fun. Yay!!

For me, I have been focusing on a few things I noticed I had trouble with in the last tournament. I have gotten way too dependent on gi grips and I need to work on no gi grips. That was pretty apparent this afternoon when I was grappling a few of the guys no gi. I have to be a lot closer and tighter in no gi to get anywhere. I can't rely on sleeves and lapels to hang onto and swing around on. lol

Another thing I've been really focused on is escaping bad positions. Turtle and the scarf hold are still my nemesis positions right now, but I am seeing some progress. With all the bad positions I get into, I have been keeping one major goal in mind: Don't stop moving when someone gets me in one of the positions I hate. Keep moving. That has been making a pretty good difference.

Too tired to type anymore. My bed is calling me!!


Aaron Bair said...

Good job on the 2nd class, keep it up.

No gi is something I am still not familiar with, I still hunt for grips and do not use under hooks enough.

I guess it will come from mat time and rolling and drilling no gi techniques.