Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey, Sometimes Social Networking Is Actually Useful!

We had a visitor at our Women's Class tonight, Monica Holley, all the way from Okinawa, Japan. She has been reading my blog for a while and, when she knew she would be in Florida, emailed me about coming to class. We are so glad she did! Yay for my blog finally being useful for something! LOL

Monica is competing in her first tournament coming up in December and she wanted to have the chance to grapple some other girls.It was great to get the perspective of someone who trains BJJ in another country. And, after meeting so many people this past weekend at the Open and then getting to train with Monica tonight, I am feeling so lucky to be a part of a community of women who are untied by a love for the sport and for fellowship with friends. I am kicking myself that I forgot to take pictures tonight!

We worked on half guard--both top and bottom--during the class because that is the position that gave me the most headaches in my first two tournaments. We also played Team A, Team B...again. LOL The younger girls beg to play this game every class. Poor Stephanie has her broken nose and had to fend off a bunch of people going bananas all around her. I was dealing with a few injuries too, so I had to get creative to keep from getting overwhelmed by all the crazy girls! They did great, though, and it was fun.

Monica, I hope you had fun visiting us tonight and we wish you good luck at your upcoming tournament and hope that you have safe travels back home!


Aparna said...

Aww yay for blogs connecting people! Even before I started blogging myself, reading what other women wrote really helped, and I even contacted them sometimes when I kind of needed help. And they were awesome =D

Also, your Team A, Team B game sounds awesome. I think I need to convince my coach to try it!

Monica H said...

Indeed, the internet IS actually useful. I had a really great time training with everyone. On a side note: just so happens that all of my training while home in the States has focused on half guard and all of it has been different. I can no longer say my half guard game is weak. Thank you for taking part in that.

If anyone out there is thinking about training in the Lakeland, FL area, I would highly recommend you contact Allison to make it happen. This was my first time training away from "home" so I was a little nervous but everyone made me feel very at home.

A.D. McClish said...

Awww, thanks Monica!! I am so glad you came to train with us! You are welcome anytime you are in the area! And let us know how the tournament goes, by the way! :)