Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guard Pass and Sweeps

The doctor never got back to me about my rib. But earl`ier this week, I woke up and it wasn't hurting anymore. God is good! :) So I've been training like normal. Every now and then it gets a little sore, but nothing like it was. I think what happened is that I popped it out and then, when Phil cracked my back, he popped it back into place.

Anyway, last night at class Mario and Ben taught us a few more take downs. We've been working on different ones the last several weeks and I have to say, my take downs are really weak. So are my guard passes and sweeps. I really need to up my practice in those areas.

I don't really like training for take downs outside of class just because I know take downs are where a lot of injuries occur. And if we're doing them wrong, we're a lot more likely to hurt each other. Save those for class. But guard passes and sweeps are fine to practice outside of class, I think.

The beginning of the fight, when I'm looking at someone who is basically sitting there waiting for me to attack, is one of the most intimidating things for me. Especially if they have their legs out in front. Last night, I learned two ways to pass guard when people have their legs in front and I found another one this morning that looks manageable. I'd like to know how to do two or three really well so that I can pick one depending on the situation in each fight.

That's the other thing I've been trying to work on in grappling: Going with the flow and adapting to what my opponent is doing. They're not always going to be in the text-book position for me to get an arm-bar or to perform a perfect guard pass the exact way we practiced it in class. I have to be able to adapt, to see a weakness and move on it. I can rely on the same technique, just in a slight variation. So far, my brain moves really slow in this area. Hopefully one day I'll be able to think quicker in my grappling.