Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jiu-jitsu is a lot like....

I'm a youth pastor. At my church, I teach on Wednesday nights and, ever since I started BJJ, my illustrations have changed. I am notorious for Jiu-jitsu analogies. In fact, the kids groan whenever I start to say, "You know, when I was in class on Tuesday, I realized that..."

My friends and family don't always see the genius in my analogies. (Note sarcasm, please) And, I am sure all of you here do not want to be accosted with my nerdy philosophical musings. But, still, I feel compelled to talk about them, even if it is to myself! ;)

So I started another blog. I will try to limit my analogies to that one and leave this one just for stuff that is directly linked to my BJJ training and experiences. If, however, you are a glutton for corny analogies, feel free to check out my other blog.

Happy rolling!!