Monday, July 5, 2010

Yeah...Me Too

There's a new girl who has been coming to Fabio's this week. I met her and grappled with her for the first time today. She's got some natural talent and I really hope she sticks with it. She said something tonight, though, that made me laugh.

We were getting ready to grapple and she said that she was tired of always being on defense. I just kind of laughed and said, " too." And she said, "Really?"


I told her that I am on defense almost all the time. And I told her that she will have to get used to that if she keeps coming. The funny thing is I remember thinking that exact same thing not that long ago. Now I have accepted the fact that I am paying a monthly fee to get owned. ;)

In fact, I was talking to one of my instructors the other day, kind of asking him how long it took him for him to be able to "handle" big, strong guys. He basically told me that it never gets "easy". Big, strong guys are always going to be a challenge. But he is able to meet that challenge and work through it with technique. Eventually, one day, maybe I will be able to as well. But that day is not today. :)


Liam H Wandi said...

Hmm. A new guys showed up on our mat yesterday. You've just inspired a post Allie :)

leslie said...

Wait, is she implying that there's something besides defense to this game? What an odd concept... :P

Georgette said...

Story of my life! I was told yesterday by a technical, bigger guy that I wasn't aggressive enough with him. That I moved timidly as opposed to how I move with whitebelts or smaller people. Uh, yeah.

A.D. McClish said...

@Liam: Oh man! That's always an ominous declaration! ;)

@ Leslie: LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking.

@Georgette: I really think that bigger, stronger guys don't understand what it is like for us smaller, weaker girls. I have a friend who had to grapple a really big guy who cam into class. He is close about 200 lbs and the guy he had to fight was 260. Big guy. 60lb difference. After class he kept saying how hard it was just to move under the guy. I just smiled and didn't say anything because that is almost the exact same situation I am in when I grapple him!! lol

Laura said...

Just like Georgette, it's the story of my life. Last week a guy told me that I moved really well, and if he wasn't 50 lbs heavier than me I would have beat him.

slideyfoot said...

It's getting on for four years now, and I'm still waiting for this mythical 'offence' people talk about. So yeah, me too. ;)