Monday, December 27, 2010

Donkey Kick Pass

Great, great class tonight! My sister-in-law, Stephanie, got to come back to BJJ after a long hiatus. It was so great to have my training partner back!! Woohoo!

Tonight's focus was on passing butterfly guard. We worked three passes, all having to do with getting in close and locking up your opponents hips, keeping shoulder pressure and passing to one side over one leg.

This is one pass similar to one of the ones we worked tonight:

One main difference between the pass on this video and the one we drilled tonight is that, as you are coming over the leg to complete the pass, Fabio tells us to keep our hips down until we pass the leg and THEN break our hip. So basically, you kind of sprawl on the one leg and walk on your toes over that leg, keeping pressure with your shoulder and head while you pass. After your hip clears their knee, then you break your hip toward their head.

Another pass we drilled that I really liked was the donkey kick pass. This is a similar to the one Fabio taught us tonight:

One main difference between this video and the one Fabio taught is that you isolate one leg, similarly to the first pass, and donkey kick over into full side control, with one knee at the hip and one knee at the shoulder. I love this pass, but one word of caution: When I first learned this pass last year, I hurt my toes coming down one time. So not, I keep my toes pointed, landing flat on the tops of my feet!!

Grappling tonight was great because I was able to go with some younger, smaller people, which gives me a chance to experiment with some of the techniques I am struggling with, like half-guard sweeps and taking the back. Grappling smaller people always makes me have more respect for the bigger guys who grapple me because it is hard to keep tight of small people without using muscle or too much weight.


SkinnyD said...

I like this pass a lot. We learn a variation of this pass where instead of "donkey kicking," you actually bridge over them, with your feet landing on the opposite side of your head, and then flip over into side control. It's a half backstep / bridge movement but basically amounts to doing a somersault over the guard but landing with all your weight on them through your shoulders. Bad explanation, I know.

leslie said...

I think that first pass is what we call the pinch pass, and we do it like you said Fabio does it. That video is super loose. The second pass we did about 2 weeks ago, though it tweaked my shoulder badly no matter which side I went to. We have to pause at the top, though, before coming down to demonstrate control.

Is this the one, D?

Afrorican said...

I have not tried that second pass. It's interesting to me because I like the headstand pass Galvao does. I usually use something similar to the first pass but I control the passing side leg from underneath and keep the hips tight as you mentioned. Thanks!

A.D. McClish said...

@skinnyD: That pass sounds pretty cool. I think I vaguely remember seeing something like that a while back, but I forget so much of what I see!! Curses! :)

@Leslie: Yeah, I thought the video looked really loose too. I had a hard time balancing in that position, like you were talking about. Took a while for me to be able to stay there.

@Afrocian: It's really cool to see the advanced guys do it because it looks so effortless. Mine looks a lot less impressive. lol