Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Team A, Team B

Last night at the Women's Class, we worked side control escapes. To me, side control is probably the hardest bottom position to escape from because the person can be so mobile. We drilled 3 basic escapes. Because we had a small class with 6 girls, we had time to do 2 games. :) I love jiu-jitsu games, even though I am an adult. lol

We did a side control escape circuit where two girls would be on the bottom, while the rest of the class cycled through being in top side control for a minute, then jumping on the next girl. Once each girl had been on bottom side control with each person, they'd hop up and get in the circuit line to be on top and one of the others would lay down to do the escapes. It was pretty fun.

But after that was when the real fun started. Back at Summerlin, Ben used to do this game he learned from Fabio called Team A, Team B. You split the class up into two sides, line up on opposite walls and when the instructor says "go" it is a free-for-all. The main rules are that you start from your knees and that other jits rules apply (no striking, gouging, etc.). But you can double up on people. At one point I had three of the girls on me trying to submit me at once. lol. The teams were me and Jen (another blue belt female under Fabio) against the rest of the girls--Stephanie, Joyce, Shelby and Rowan. We put three minutes on the timer and went at it. As you might suspect, it was chaos. There was much laughing. Much screaming. Much hilarity.

The girls asked if we could do Team A, Team B again next class. lol. They really seem to like the games. What are your favorite Jiu-Jitsu games?


Georgette said...

We must be lame :) We don't really do games! There's the ordinary shark tanks (one person in the middle, everyone else rotates in for 2 minutes each, starting wherever the last pair left off) and round robins and takedown wars... there's sweep/submit/pass... but that's all pretty standard. Lame! :)

Jiujitsunista said...

Beware of Jiu-jitsu games. You might get a black eye if you have two blue belts climbing all over you and you are trying to fight them off. lol

Surely that is what happened to me last night... I wasn't running in a circle... I didn't trip on air and fly face first into a wall. SURELY that is not what happened, so it has got to be the blue belt thing.



Ps. Ignore my over caffeinated, sleep deprived self.

Tree Frog said...

"2 steps"

You slow-roll with you and your opponent alternating turns in which you do two things at a time and then stop.

Ze Grapplez said...

3 min rounds. higher points for takedowns. makes it a more aggressive/competition based game.

the other is the hands in the belt/guard passing game. or the tennis ball in one hand. one partner rolls with a ball in the hand or ball in each hand for the duration of the roll