Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brood of Jiu-Jitsu Competitors? Mayhaps!

I am excited! A couple of the girls that have recently joined the Women's Class are interested in competing. They've been asking me about points and positions and all things tournament related. Stephanie and I might take a few of them to a NAGA that is coming up in February to let them watch and see what goes on at a tournament and see if it is something they are interested in doing. 

So far, my focus in the Women's Class has been more geared toward BJJ for self-defense. So I have been heavier on escapes, sweeps, taking the back and submissions from guard, mount and chokes from behind. My thought process was that, if these girls were attacked in real life, chances are they would end up on the bottom, underneath a bigger, stronger person. My first priority has been teaching them tools to get out from underneath a heavier person and how to break down someone's posture in guard and them sweep or to go for submissions from guard. 

Thinking about preparing them for a tournament changes some of the priorities for what I want them to work  on.  I have done almost nothing on take downs. And, though I have shown a few basic guard passes, I need to give them a lot more instruction in that area.   

I think I will shift my focus more to guard passing and keeping their base for the next few weeks. Also, I want to help them prepare mentally. If you were preparing a class of beginners for their first tournament, what would your primary focus be?

Also, if the girls do end up competing, I think I will probably suffer a nervous breakdown on the sidelines while they're fighting. Someone better have a tranquilizer gun handy if someone hurts one of my girls because mama bears gunna get ya! LOL Just kidding....mostly.


Monica H said...

"If you were preparing a class of beginners for their first tournament, what would your primary focus be?"

As a beginner myself and having competed in my first tournament recently, These are the primary things that helped me:

1. conditioning my body

2. relaxing (physically as not to get gassed out early on and mentally so that I could see as much as I could). When I first started training, I would get so focused on what I was trying to do that I would not see opening my opponent would have).

3. Defense

OF course there are so many more areas one could focus on but for Me, this is what helped.

Can wait to see the other comments.