Friday, September 4, 2009


Some of the kids from the youth group invited me to come to Raiders, an after school fitness program at Summerlin Academy. They wanted to see if I could run a mile.

Oh gosh.

So, I went. The target was to run an 8 minute mile. I did not make the target. In fact, I didn't even come close to the target. I ran a 10:30 mile. Geeze, I'm out of shape. But the kids are challenging me to keep coming. They do it in the afternoons 3 days a week. I might do it. Aside from running, they also do pull-ups, push-ups. sit-ups and other non-fun things. It would be really good for me to come. Undoubtedly it would help with my Jiu-jitsu training. I guess the questions I have to ask myself are: How badly do I want to embarrass myself? And, how badly do I want to get in shape?

We'll see what wins out: Shame or Drive.