Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah, I'll hold.

I hurt my rib on the second day of jiu-jitsu class about a month ago. It wasn't that big a deal. Just sore and tender when pressure was put on it. I thought I maybe bruised it. Then, a few days ago, I was a moron and I asked Phil to crack my back. He did. And my rib popped.

I don't know if it just popped out of place or actually broke. I went in three days ago and got an x-ray, but I have yet to hear anything definitive back from the doctor's office. I did receive a call from a nurse informing me that I have scoliosis. But, as I've known that since the 5th grade, that really wasn't helpful. I asked the nurse if my rib was broken--you know, since that is why I had the x-ray done and all--and her response was, "Uhhh....I'm going to have the doctor call you back."

I'm still waiting on that call.

What is frustrating is that I don't know if I can still train. If my rib is just dislodged, then I can keep training and not have to really worry about it. I'll take it light, but I don't have to quit all together for six weeks like I'll have to if my rib is actually broken.

I went to class on Tuesday and, though I sat out of some of the take-down exercises, I participated in the rest of class and even grappled at the end. My rib was sore, but the pain was easily manageable. I just wish I knew whether it was broken or not.If it is, I'll have to hold off from grappling for at least 6 weeks. That lands me with no grappling until only a few weeks before NAGA.


There's really nothing I can do about it except pray in faith and let go of my desire to control the situation. It is out of my hands. What will be will be. I just hate waiting to find out what will be.