Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good News and Bad News

We'll start with the good news. Got some X-rays from a chiropractor named Joe who goes to Fabio's. There are no breaks or herniated discs or anything! Woohoo!

Now the bad news. Joe found out that I did strain my neck and the muscles my be affecting the nerve. That's what's causing the pain in my neck. He thinks I also might have something else going on in my arm on top of that, like carpel tunnel. I am out of class for at least a week, maybe more. Boooo! But I am really relieved that it is nothing too serious!

I'm still going to go to class tomorrow and watch. And since Joe goes to our school, I can't cheat and grapple without him finding out. Prevents me from continuing in my stupidity. ;)


Dev said...

good. go home. eat something indulgent. hang out with your family. relax. take care of yourself. and sneak in some youtube jits videos when you can. :)