Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I can't go to class today. The brakes went out on my husbands car so that means no driving. (Good Morning, Captain Obvious). Not that I didn't consider chancing it. I haven't rolled in over a week, now, and with us being down to one car, we had to decide what things were a priority to get to. Apparently JJ going to work is more important than me going to afternoon class. Psssh!! Whatever! ;) Unfortunately, my bank account agrees with JJ, so I had to go along with it.

Going a little stir crazy. I suppose it's not such a bad thing that I have to miss a few more classes. Giving my neck a couple more days to heal up. But man, I REALLY miss it.

I've been jogging a lot in the meantime and can see improvement there. And I've still been doing some BJJ drills and stretches at home. There's nothing like a forced absence from class to prove to me exactly how obsessed I am.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, though. I am going to go to the tournament and watch my team compete. This will probably be a form of torture for me since I can't compete myself, but I am determined to enjoy it!! Plus I am sure I will still learn things even if it isn't through my own experience.

Hope you guys have a great week rolling. I kind of hate you since you get to do it and I don't. ;) Just joshin'.