Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Belt Promotion

I was going to post about Fabio's promotion of Ben Aubin and Paul Kimbrell, but Stephanie already put up a great post about happenings, with a nice layout of pictures, so I won't double post all of that. Congrats to Ben and Paul onb their black belts, and to Kyle for getting his brown, and to Rhee, Thomas, Ricky, Nick and Sam for getting their blues!!

This was the first time Fabio has ever promoted any of his students to black belt, so it was a very exciting and emotional evening. Also, Kyle is the first brown belt Fabio has even had that trained with him from white belt up (both Ben and Paul were blue belts when they came to Fabio). So it was a very meaningful belt promotion.

Thomas, who was one of the ones promoted to blue, had some video taken of the throwing ceremony. Everyone who is at the belt level you are being promoted to or higher gets to throw you three times. For some reason, the sound didn't work on the video. Imagine the sounds of five brand new blue belts hitting the mat over and over and over again. I am near the very end, at around 9:20. Thomas dared me to do a flying armbar. I decided to attempt a flying triangle. First time I have ever tried it. Didn't work out as well as it went in my head. lol

I will say, though, that people generally don't try to throw hard. They know the people being promoted are going to get thrown a million times so they're usually nice about it. It's more of a fun thing. Some people do crazy fancy throws and those are fun to see. But most people just do three "nice" takedowns. ;)

It was a great night. Both Ben and Paul are great instructors. I was especially happy to see my former Summerlin instructor, Ben, get his black belt. Ben, if you read this, I want to say again how thankful I am to have gotten to train under you at Summerlin. You're a great instructor and friend. Congrats!!


SavageKitsune said...

LOL- some people are definitely nicer than others. And it's probably his "besties" who are the ones really slamming him!

Megan said...

I wasn't even there and I'm it:)