Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Living

I haven't blogged in a while, (Good morning, Captain Obvious) but lots of blog ideas are churning around in my muddled brain. Unfortunately, life has been really busy lately and I haven't had much time for writing.

You want proof? Fine! Here it is! ;)

Went to Disney with the family. Had a blast at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.

Went to one of my best friends weddings and tore up the photo booth she had at the reception.

As busy as I've been, I have been getting to class. This has been one of those blissful periods of time where grappling is just plain fun. Learning a lot. Being challenged a lot. But mostly just laughing and experimenting with things.

I am still planning to do the tournament, but I am not worrying much about preparing. Honestly, with as busy as I've been, class has been hit or miss. And with my neck injury, I can't "train hard" like I want to. So I am just rolling and enjoying myself. If I do well at the tourney, great. If I don't do well, I'll melt into a puddle of pathetic...I mean, I'll be fine. ;)

Hoping to get out a post on sweeps tonight. We'll see if that actually happens. Happy rolling to all you guys out there!


Anonymous said...

I must say with all respect that photo of you ladies shows a collection of hotties. Don't worry about the tournament. Regardless of the outcome you win because just by jumping in you have guts and are guaranteed to learn tons. A high level guy I know says one tournament equals 3 months worth of training. I humbly agree. All the best sister!

Liam H Wandi said...

I do love the "label" - Hey this isn't about jits :o)

Photos look like you had a great time.