Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Warrior Dash

I have decided not to compete. Even as I type that, I have the urge to delete that and go register on the IBJJF website. Sigh...

Haven't gone to class all week, not even to watch. I've been swamped by house repairs, youth group events and packing for a trip to Georgia I am taking with my Mom and family.

Even though I have been resting my neck and icing it, it has still been aching. Haven't had the time to go into the doctor, but when I get back from Georgia, I will get an MRI even if I have to armbar my insurance rep to get one. When I get back next week, I am going to start training again. Lightly. We'll see how it goes.

To make myself feel less like a worthless lump of laziness, I've been jogging at least a mile every day. It's not just mindless jogging. I have a goal in sight!

Behold! The Warrior Dash is coming to Florida! What is the Warrior Dash you might ask?

I am soooo doing this!! If my neck is better, of course. Stephanie found it online and we are going to do it together. The only question is what kind of warriors will we dress up as? The possibilities are endless!!

I've never run any kind of real race before. This one will be three to four miles, including obstacles. I am not entirely positive I can run four miles. But the race isn't until January, so I have time to work my way up to that. This should be really fun!


SkinnyD said...

If you can train lightly then you have infinitely more self control than me. When I'm injured I can't step on the mat or I'll end up rolling as if nothing was wrong and making it worse. You should armbar your insurance rep either way.

Jiujitsunista said...


Yeah, I'm excited.

And I don't care what kind of warriors we dress up as, as long as there is pink spandex involved.

Megan said...

Hard core! Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with running with a neck injury! If you feel any small jolts of pain in your neck, around your shoulder blade, or near your shoulder, it could be a nerve getting jolted a bit.

During my injury, per doctor's advice, I had to do non-impact cardio for over a month before getting to run again safely...only then only if there was no pain. Nerves give instant feedback like that. :\

You know your body - Just be careful so you can get back on the mat as soon as possible!

I wish you the best!

A.D. McClish said...

@Skinny D: I have the same problem with going light. So much so that my instructor is forcing me to train light by telling me that if I go inverted or roll on my neck, I automatically lose the match. Also, I agree about the insurance rep!!

@Steph: Indeed!!

@ Megan: Thanks!! Hopefully I want fall into the fire pit while trying to leap over it. :)

@Dr. Seuss: Thanks for the warning! I've just started running to get ready for the race, so I can't say for sure, but this past week I haven't had any jolting pains or anything while I'm running. Weirdly enough, my neck hurts me a lot when I am sitting still or laying down for a while and not much at all when I am active. That's what's so frustrating about grappling. It's mostly ok while I grapple but hurts like heck afterwards.

Dev said...

good. get fixed. THEN roll. Support the hell out of your teammates. :)