Monday, November 22, 2010

Instant Turn Off

Despite the upcoming holidays, I'm in a bad mood today. This post is going to be crabby. Sorry. Just need to get something off my chest.

There are few things that instantly repel me more than arrogance. I know we all say dumb stuff sometimes, but I really dislike it when I hear people talk about how they want to fight people. I'm not talking about fighting people in the ring, in an organized competition. I'm referring to guys who talk about how they want to beat some guy up because they talked crap or because they looked at them wrong or whatever. Some guys seem to be looking for offense just so they can have a reason to get into a fight.

Example: Koschek on this season of Ultimate Fighter. I know that he's probably hamming it up for TV or whatever. But he isn't making himself look awesome. He's making himself look like an idiot.

It's even more annoying when I see this kind of attitude in young guys who sometimes come through the gym. You know, the ones who know a little bit; just enough to get themselves into some real trouble. They're still newbs (like me lol) but they don't realize they're still newbs.

So, macho guys, let me tell you how girls view your I'm-going-to-pulverize-anyone-who-looks-at-me-wrong attitude. We are not impressed. We think you're meat heads who don't have enough intelligence to solve problems with words. You're not as awesome as you think you are. Grow up and learn how to act like adults.

Now I am going to grow drink my coffee and transform back into a non-rabid human being.


Georgette said...


fenix said...

Unfortunately, the real meatheat wouldn't read this, and if they did, they wouldn't think it applies to them.

But yeah, you are so right :-)

Afrorican said...

It's funny I was just commenting about Koschek the other day. He had no problem trying to be a bully and verbally dish it out but when the guy verbally stood up for himself Kos made the typical / jerk move of resorting to physcial violence. Not the way someone who thinks they will be champion should represent the UFC.

Dev said...

Yeah! What she said!

JayB said...

yeah, the d-bag is strong with that koscheck guy.

Deborah Clem said...

LOL! I love the term "meathead," and find myself using it too frequently when dealing with some of my less cerebral co-workers.

Jiujitsunista said...

Holly crap, Cy. You nailed it. "and if they did, they wouldn't think it applies to them."