Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts from Last Week

My life has been stuck on full throttle for the last week, so I neglected to post here. Since I know all three of you that read this blog are just dying to hear what I've been up to (Hey! I can see you smirking at me! Stop it!) I've come up with my Top 5 Jits Thoughts for the Week!

1. The Gym Feels Like My Home Away From Home-- With everything else crazy going on in my life, Fabio's is the one place where I feel like I can go and just completely relax. Well, relax in the I'm-fighting-not-to-get-choked-out sort of way. What I love about being there is that everyone who is there is there to have fun. We can just relax, grapple and laugh. Priceless!

2. Home Away From Home At My Home?-- We "christened" the mats in my barn by rolling on them for the first time last week. It was awesome. Me, Stephanie, Phil and his girlfriend Kara, who has been training for a few months now, all grappled. We even went through a mock technique lesson just to get used to teaching. We haven't brought in the newbies yet. We are working on a waiver and trying to work out some insurance issues too. But we think by next week we should be starting with the kids. I'm excited, but still nervous. Also, a guy who had a wrestling school in the same shopping complex as one of my fellow youth pastors is closing his doors and selling his mats. I might get to buy real mats!! We'll see, though.

3. Side to Side Guard-- I went to open mat on Saturday and rolled with PP, a purple belt at our school, who told me that my guard needs some work. I am doing too much back and forth movement and not enough side to side hip movement. If I get more side to side going, I will get a lot more sweeps and will be able to take the back easier. That is my focus for this upcoming week: side to side hipping in guard!!

4. My son who is 5 asked me this week when he was going to be allowed to start training "wa-jit-su". This is not the first time he has asked. A few weeks ago, we asked him what sport he wanted to play this year: football, soccer, basketball? He said "wa-jit-su". I'm kind of torn on the issue for several reasons. Might do a post on that later.

5. I got my MRI for my neck on Tuesday and am STILL waiting to find out the results. Grrrr. Patience is not my forte. I am wanting so bad to be able to roll like normal again. I know, I know...I need to be careful and wait it out. BOOOOO! :)


Dev said...

My son started jiu jitsu at 5. It wasn't as often as I would have liked, but he enjoyed it if for no other reason than he was doing the same thing as dad. I like the idea of the Gracie Bullyproof videos, that you need to keep it light, fun, and focus less on the techniques than the concepts. I think as long as you find a good instructor, the earlier you can start them, the better. It's not about kicking ass, it's about doing something that mommy does.

Georgette said...

I agree with Dev! We have 5 year olds in our kids' class, and they learn all kinds of good stuff (right from left, obeying instructions, consideration of others, blah di blah)... go for it :) :)

p.s. My school is my home-away-from-home too. I think I spend more awake hours in the academy than I do at home :)

slideyfoot said...

Your son is clearly a fan of early PrideFC: I remember Akira Shoji used to have 'wajitsu' written on his shorts. Comes from an MMA gym in Japan, Wajyutsu Keisyukai, IIRC. ;)