Monday, June 20, 2011

Aint That A Kick In The Head?

I've had this problem for the last few classes. I've been kicking people or kneeing people. A lot. Much more than usual. I know it is common to accidentally kick someone during a grapple. But this is getting ridiculous.

I tried really hard not to kick anyone in the face tonight. Really hard. I made it through my first 3 grapples MMA free. Then I grappled this one guy and my streak of non-violence came to a jaw shattering end. Ok, there was no actual shattering of the jaw. I accidentally kicked him in the face while trying to regain guard.

Either way, I don't know what is up with me. I am not trying to be a beast and spaz across the mat. But somehow my feet keep making contact with other people's faces!

Other than my wanna-be kick-boxing, grappling is going alright. I am starting to see some progress in moving out from under the scarf hold position and out from under turtle. Watching higher belts maneuver out is really helpful. Seeing what they do gives me ideas I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Also, seeing how other people escape while I am grappling them is really helpful too. It is slow going teaching my body to do what I see, though. But that's the nature of the beast! :)

Lots of changes are happening in my personal life right now, with my job. Basically, I stepped down from my position. Its all confusing. I am a little depressed. But I am going to be able to spend more time with my family and train more, now, so that's a plus. It will all sort out eventually.


Liam H Wandi said...

Haha I've had that phase! It's terrible coz it IS an accident so even though they WANT to get mad at you they can't wor shouldn't.

The only thing that helped was clearing a path for my knee with my forearm. Imagine you're on half guard bottom and want to pull your leg out to full guard or butterfly or something. That was a typical place for me to knee someone in the chin or jaw with an upward knee (ouch) and what really helped was sticking my forearm across their throat and kinda protecting their neck (at the same time lifting their weight off me a little) and the knee came out more safely.

Initially I did it to protect the innocent but it actually has helped my general bottom game. It IS a frame, after all :) said...

I am so glad I'm not alone. I'm starting to get a reputation in class. Some of the guys have even resorted to pleading "Please don't hit me in the head," before we roll. @Part Time, thanks for the tip. Allie, good luck with the changes in your life.

leslie said...

Ha, I'm coming off (hopefully) a spurt of head kicking, too. I hate feeling like I'm suddenly a spaz!

Afrorican said...

Thats too funny! Well at least it is an accident and not just the way you roll. I like Part Time's recommendation so I'm gonna try that too. Thanks

Gina said...

Hey, have I been grappling with you lately, because I seem to be the recipient of a lot of knees and elbows these days?! ;) I have given out a few of my own, too.

Carl Panzram said...

It's kick, after kick, after kick with you lately. It's like being a soccer ball in a river of feet flowing over 3 miles of knees.

Anonymous said...

good lord thank you for posting this. I have ben awful at this lately. I swear i had like 4 or 5 straight rolls where everyone got at least one free knee to the face. I jutst got promoted too so it's uber embarrasing. I hope Liam's right and that its a phase