Friday, June 24, 2011

Escaping Bottom Turtle

I had a private lesson with Fabio today about escaping the scarfhold position and about escaping bottom turtle.

As far as escaping turtle goes, some of the major points I took away from the lesson were:

- When trapping an arm and sweeping, you want to trap the arm going over either your head or back and trap it on the opposite side. If it is near your head, you're going to roll over your own shoulder. The video I put in below is similar to what Fabio said to do if the person has their arm over your back and in reaching under your arm.

-When someone is sprawling on your neck/shoulders-- He said to grab the opposite knee and then break your opposite hip and slide through underneath them. I have no idea how to explain this in words. But what happens is either you come out and go onto all fours behind them, taking their back. Or, if they drop their weight as you go, you end up in a guard or half guard situation.

- Fabio also reminded me how to do the knee bar roll out from turtle. I am always reluctant to try this one in grappling because I am scared I might accidentally hurt someone because I don't know what I am doing very well with it. It's just like an arm bar, but with a leg. Don't know why I get hung up on it. Grrr.

Coincidentally, Liam over at Part Time Grappler made a sweet video on turtle escapes in which he details a useful escape from turtle. Go check it out! This is one of those times when the blogger community has really been helpful to me. It is great seeing so many different ideas on how to tackle a tricky situation. Thanks guys and gals!!


Liam H Wandi said...

Thank you for the mention Allie :)

Megan said...


I've been finding myself ending up in turtle more frequently lately.