Saturday, June 18, 2011

Women's Classes

Do you or have you ever attended a women's only self defense/bjj class? Or do you have an opinion about women's only classes? If so, I haz questions for you! :)

1. (For women) Would you be more likely to try bjj for the first time if you could go to a women's only class?

2. In your opinion, what would be advantageous about attending a women's only self defense/bjj class? What would be the disadvantages?

3. What time of day would be the best for you a women's class?

And, since this blog entry is a little sparse, here is a lovely example of how men and women are so different:

A man sees a fly in the toilet, he tries to pee on it. A woman sees a fly in the toilet, she decides to go to another stall or hold it until she gets home! :)


Laura said...

I started BJJ in a 5-week women's only introduction class. I was already going to the MA gym but was taking the cardio kickboxing class.

The women's only and the introduction aspect made me feel very comfortable. I had never thought about trying BJJ before the introduction class and I signed up on a whim.

I've now been training for over 2 years with the boys.

Lori said...

I have been to a women's only self-defense clinic as well as a women's only judo clinic, but I had already been participating in grappling sports. I do think that women move differently and that their approach is different, so it is nice to have a class where you can just work with other girls, and not the ones you normally train with (if you're not the only girl at your club). I think the benefit for women who don't have past experience is that it can definitely help them feel more comfortable working that closely with a stranger. said...

I think I have blogged about this, I never would have tried a class without my husband's encouragement. I had it easy because I had the comfort of knowing my husband was with me. I also train in CrossFit at the CrossFit box that my BJJ studio is located in. Several of the CrossFit girls have expressed an interest in trying BJJ, but none of them have made their way to class. Maybe it is time to take some of these questions to those girls.

Emily Lemos said...

It would have been SO MUCH EASIER to start if there had been a woman's class. We have one now, and it is at 11:00, Monday and Wednesday. The time works pretty well for me, since it works with my daughter's nap schedule.

Basically, it is hard to get used to such close contact, and it is difficult to get up the nerve to try out your body in front of a bunch of guys. Of course, the guys are used to it and don't care if you're sitting on their face, and everybody has a hard time with the fitness side of it at the beginning (I mean the beginning of your being in shape, not necessarily BJJ training).

Are you thinking of starting your own women's class??? It's a great idea!