Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flow Rolling

Tonight, Fabio instructed us to grapple without going for submissions. We were to roll for positions only. Even further than that, he told us not to get into a good position and just hold. He wanted us to move. And keep moving. We weren't supposed to care about winning or losing. Try things, he told us. We didn't have to worry because we wouldn't be submitted, so we could get creative without any pressure.

It was so much fun!! I had done this a few times before, but it had been a while since I had grappled without even thinking about submissions. We were laughing and trying crazy stuff and just enjoying moving. I want to do this more often!!

What was funny was that I did completely different things than I normally do. I saw a whole lot more sweeps. And I did a lot of things on top that I normally don't go to like knee on belly. I also noticed that I got tired faster. We rarely slowed down or stopped moving. It made for some great cardio!

I think this has shown me that I am too focused on submissions. Hopefully I can find a few people that will roll like this with me more often! :)


Rick said...

Nice! Position before submission!

Jay said...

Nice. I just wrote a pretty in-depth article about Jiu-Jitsu flow rolling:

Wouldn't mind you taking a read to offer your opinion.