Monday, August 16, 2010

Youth Week Craziness

I only trained once last week due to an intense week of craziness with a bunch of teenagers for my church's annual Youth Week. Lots of fun, but I missed getting out on the mat.

The one day I did train we worked a few submissions from the scarfhold position. You use your legs to either armbar or kimura or americana your opponent. I really love those positions, but I haven't ever been able to finish one from there. Usually, the person is able to power out, either because I am not applying them correctly or because of strength difference.

Fortunately, Fabio showed us a few transitions into a triangle for just such scenarios. :) That is one thing that both Fabio and Ben have emphasized since I started learning BJJ. Being able to transition between positions and submissions, and knowing WHEN to do so is just as important as knowing the individual positions and submissions themselves.

I haven't had been in the situation to try these out just yet, but I'm looking forward to having the chance tonight!