Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Other Way, Stupid...

Made some progress today, albeit small, in my goal to play more of a top game. Normally when I roll, I wait for the other person to move and then usually go to some form of guard.

Not today.

I refused to allow myself to go to guard at the beginning. If I was going to be in a dominant position, I needed to pass. And pass I did, for the most part. Also, I made it a point to pass the way Fabio pointed out that I wasn't passing.

Sadly, in almost every grapple, I ended up in guard again at some point. It is just freaking hard wired into my brain!! My body goes there against my will!! But I've been having more success with sweeps lately, so maybe I won't be such an anti-guard nazi.

Bad news is that in one of my grapples someone fell back for a heel hook and I accidentally rolled out the wrong way. I don't know what I was thinking. I had already rolled out twice before that day and had done it correctly. Guess I had some kind of brain glitch. Either way, I tweaked my knee a slight bit. Nothing major.

I must have had some kind of weird premonition that this was going to happen because I normally only wear a knee brace on the other knee but I went to the store yesterday and bought a second knee brace and wore it today. I was thinking that I was going to be rolling a lot harder than normal and I wanted to protect my knees. Unfortunately even knee braces can't protect against stupidity. ;)


Megan said...
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Megan said...

Lol...there's got to be something to buying health aids "just in case". Last time I bought a cool new hot-cold pack, I tweaked my neck.

Liane said...

I hope your knee feels okay :(

A.D. McClish said...

@ Megan: Haha, I know, right?!? If I hadn't bought that knee brace I probably would have rolled the correct way. Since that makes complete and logical sense!

@ Liane: Thanks! I iced and elevated it today and yesterday. It's a little sore, but nothing too serious I think.