Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Training For When You Can't Train

I have come to the conclusion that jogging is a very poor substitute for Jiu-jitsu. I HATE jogging. See, it's near the top of the list of things I hate right now:

1. Ringworm
2. Running
3. Ringworm
4. Ringworm
5. Persons who infected me with ringworm.

I have never been good at running. But yesterday, I was so annoyed that I couldn't go to BJJ that I jogged two miles and ended up getting my fastest time yet for the first mile. My first mile was at 8:09 (told you I suck at running), the second a wee bit longer.

...Still hated it, though. ;)

Also, I am really thankful for my barn right now. We didn't do class Tuesday night in the barn and we won't have it again until Sunday, so I decided to use it as my quarantine gym. Don't worry, I will disinfect it before people come back.

I have come up with a weird workout that I do when I can't train (which has been way too frequently, the last few weeks). Unfortunately, jogging is a part of it. Or the slightly less evil elliptical. Then, I do a whole bunch of stuff for my abs:

1. Crunches (around 150)
2. Side planks (I hates them too. Mentally adding them to my list)
3. Hanging Leg raises (80)

After that, I do some squats and lunges. Then I go to my resistance bands and work on my arms, targeting the different muscle groups. I don't just go for short, high reps. Sometimes I like to pull back and hold, to really fatigue my muscles before going on, to simulate how sometimes you get tired muscles in mid grapple and have to keep going.

Lastly, I go to my nemesis: The exercise ball. Despite how it tried to kill me the other day, I actually like exercising on it. I practice balancing on my knees on it. I practice knee on belly on it. But what I really like doing is just flow moving on it for five minute intervals. Just keep moving the whole time, to simulate the cardio you need in a grapple. I try to mimic bjj movements while I am doing it, but you can only go so far since a ball isn't exactly the same shape as a human being.

Anyway, that is my workout when I can't train. What do you guys do when you are stuck at home?


Jiujitsunista said...

There are some people shaped like exercise balls. =)

Jiujitsunista said...

Haha! That sounded way ruder than I intended. =)

I had no one in mind, I was merely making an observation. People can be shaped like exercise balls... I for one used to be one of them. heheh =)

Back pedal faster, Stephanie, faster!

A.D. McClish said...

Were you referring to me?!?!?! Die, devil woman, die! Just kidding. :)

SkinnyD said...

I feel the same way about running. It's got to be the most boring, monotonous exercise on the planet.

For home training, I try to find drills that complement particular techniques I'm working on. I do strength training, but then I'll hit up four or five solo drills that cover my target techniques. You probably already know, but there are some great solo drills out there on YouTube or other blogs.

Afrorican said...

I have enough equipment to hit one of the basic Crossfit type workouts (or just bodyweight stuff) then some ginastica natural followed up by some static stretching. I used to run alot but I realized that LSD (long slow distance) was not really helping my game so I minimized it.
LOL @ ringworm, running, ringworm, ringworm

A.D. McClish said...

@Skinny D: Yeah, I that's a good idea. At least I can feel like I'm doing something BJJ related! ;)

@Afrorican: I heard the same thing, that distance running isn't the same kind of cardio as BJJ cardio. At this point, I am forcing myself to run so I don't morph into a tub of lard.

Liam H Wandi said...

Great post. I spent a lot of time doing yoga in africa. I hate jogging but when we're inthe Africa the doggies make it much more enjoyable.

Maybe it's an opportunity to learn yoga from a DVD or even a class. It's non contact and translates perfectly to jits

Anonymous said...

When I'm not there, I'm blogging about BJJ :)