Monday, January 3, 2011

There's a Fungus Among Us

Had a great Christmas and New Year. Hope all of you guys had safe travels and good times with your friends and family! We have some weird New Year's Traditions in our family. Everyone flies in from around the country, goes to Disney, dresses up in crazy hats and literally rings in the New Year with bells.

Then the next day we drag our exhausted buts out to the parks.

I was so ready to get back on the mat today. But, alas. It was not meant to be. I may have the dreaded ring worm. On my freaking face. It has been going around our school. This really annoys me because if you have ringworm, you really shouldn't come and grapple. Though, I suppose you could be like me and have it and not know it.

The spot on my face is right on my jawline, near my ear, and I didn't know it was ringworm. Still am not sure. A few people at the school say it might be. It doesn't itch. It's very small. I thought it was gi burn that scabbed over. But, to be safe I didn't grapple tonight and won't tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm treating it with over the counter meds. We will see.

The whole thing is really frustrating because I have only gotten to grapple one a week for the last two weeks. And now I am out again until Thursday.

We were drilling a knee on belly move tonight. The same one I injured myself doing on an exercise ball a few weeks ago. I guess it is alright that I have to take a few more days off because my finger is still really swollen and hurts badly when it is moved forcefully in any direction. I still would have liked to have had the chance to work on that knee on belly stuff tonight, though! Grrr!

I am still going to go to class tomorrow, but I am not going to drill or grapple. I am going to sit on the side in my quarantine zone and watch and mope. Booo!


Tree Frog said...

Don't want to scare you, but my younger brother once injured a finger in a way that damaged the tendon, but did not break the finger.

If he hadn't gone to the hospital within a few days, he'd not have been correctly diagnosed and would have had no ability to straighten the top joint of his finger.

If hellbent on the home remedy, you can straighten it out and tape it to the next finger as much as possible. Still suggest getting it looked at, since it's been weeks now

Afrorican said...

I've been there with the ringworm. My thing is the people who actually know they have it and still train. Hopefully sitting and watching is not too much torture, been there too....

BJJ Judo said...

Based on your discription of the location it sounds like you got it when someone was going for a rear naked. You probably contracted it a day or two before you first noticed it so you might be able to figure out who gave it too you.

Glad to hear you are sticking with actual mediction, forget the crazy remedies you are bound to hear ie bleach, cutting it open, standing on your head ect. Lamasil, or tanactin should due the trick.